Why Should I Hire a Professional Residential Painter?

Have you ever driven through a neighborhood, only to find yourself awestruck by the beauty and architectural design found on every street? Although individuals understand the need for high-quality design and planning when building a dream home, there’s a topic we often over skim over during conversation: painting.

To put it bluntly, paint can make your home give off the aura of being warm and inviting, ready to entertain guests at any given moment. However, improper application of materials, or worse, the wrong color, can turn a property into a local eyesore that causes people to wince and ask themselves, “why?” Thousands of homeowners, specifically during fall and summer, look at the exterior of their properties and think of new colors and patterns to fill their home’s exterior.

However, they quickly face a daunting realization: painting a house is significantly different from painting a wall, door or shelving unit. And unlike the interior of our residence, each mistake and improper application of paint is on display for everyone. Before realizing the damage, homeowners find themselves scrambling to correct the imperfections and, in the long run, spend copious amounts of hard-earned cash to remedy the situation.

Pros Versus Joes

Professional painting services are, without a doubt, the path of least resistance when painting a home. These individuals have years of experience under their belts, and they’ve seen every type of home you could imagine. From residential homes to sprawling estates with thousands of square footage, no project or task is outside their domain of knowledge.

More specifically, professional residential painters have custom tools and accessories that make the project breeze by in a fraction of the time. In case you’re asking yourself, “how difficult can it be to paint a home?” let’s test your knowledge. Are you familiar with these devices?

  • Airless sprayer
  • Drop cloths
  • Tray pan
  • Roller cage
  • Dry spackle
  • Block sander
  • Extension pole

Don’t beat yourself up if these tools sound unfamiliar. Each of these accessories assists professional painters in creating gorgeous paint jobs that stick out from homes throughout the neighborhood.

Accident Protection

Another lifesaver when consulting with a professional painter is the “oh no” factor. By this, we mean the insurance a licensed painter carries through their business in the event of an emergency, accident or if damage occurs to a client’s property. If you paint your home without any assistance, you own all your mistakes. From a damaged gutter, chipped wood or spilled paint, these mistakes tally up, and your bank account will slowly drain with each occurrence. More importantly, should you fall or become injured during your project, you assume full responsibility.

A professional painter knows these events, although rare, are real dangers of working on a project. With this in mind, homeowners and investors need to utilize these policies by contracting a local painting professional to address their needs. Not only are you guaranteed to receive a high-quality paint job for your home, but you will also rest easy knowing that your house and body are protected in the case of an emergency. When comparing these topics, hiring a professional residential painter is a no-brainer.

Whether you’ve bought a new home, plan to renovate your existing residence or intend to sell the property for profit, an inviting exterior is essential. After you decide to hire a painter, we’re here to help. Our reputable staff ensures a professional-grade paint job for your home, and we’re willing to answer questions and address topics that each homeowner has. Don’t wait — let’s make your dream home become part of your reality today! Call us at 831-269-2837.