Do House Painters Move Furniture?

The majority of homeowners don’t have to worry about painting the interior of their house except for every so many years. A quality paint job can last as long as five to seven years provided that you keep people and objects away from the walls and don’t change your mind about the color.

Protecting paint from things such as furniture hitting it can prevent chips that turn into bigger problems down the road. When you take care of the interior paint, you might not remember what you need to do before you arrange for the house to be repainted. Wondering how to protect the furniture and other valuables in your home is a part of planning your project, and you can work with a professional painting company to determine which parts of the project you need to help out with.

The first thing you’ll want to know is that the services provided by professional painters can vary considerably from one company to another. While some painters leave protecting valuables in the room up to the homeowner, others will do what they can to help out.

For instance, a professional painter will make sure to use protective covering over furniture to prevent paint splatters from ruining its appearance and value. Talking to the painter about what they will do helps you begin figuring out whether or not you need to move the furniture around.

Find Out How to Prep Your House for Residential Painting

When it comes to professional paint jobs, you have several options for handling furniture. For instance you can choose to leave it in place if it is in the middle of the room and won’t be in the way. This method may be the easiest if you lack a ton of space for storing your furniture, but it does leave your property vulnerable to damage if an accident occurs such as the plastic sheeting slipping off. You also have the option of moving the furniture away from the wall. This method works best when the room is large enough for the painters to move around, or you might opt for this strategy if you are painting an accent wall and leaving the rest of the room alone.

If you choose to move the furniture away from the wall, then make sure to ask the painters when it will be safe to move it back to its original position. The final option is to go all out and remove everything from the room.

This provides you with the ultimate level of protection for your property since you won’t have to worry about paint getting through a barrier. If you choose to move the furniture, then you might also want to remove the following items from the space.

  • Artwork that hangs on the walls
  • Special knickknacks or sculptures on shelves or the floor
  • Lamps and overhead fans
  • Light switch and electrical outlet plates
  • Clothing in closets that are being painted
  • Dishes in open cabinets or on shelves

With major residential painting jobs, you’ll want to remove as many things as you can from the room. This gives painters plenty of space to move around and put their equipment. However, this shouldn’t be a major hardship.

Some painters include services such as removing light switch plates and furniture into their project quotes. Others may offer it as an additional service. This is why choosing a company that is willing to communicate with you about each part of your project is so important for keeping stress levels down while you paint your house.

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