What part of a room should be painted first?

When it comes to painting rooms there is a certain order in which you should follow to get the best results. No one wants to mess up a paint job, so knowing what to paint first or second and third will help make the process work out for you and give you satisfaction with the end result of your paint job. It’s always better to have things go smoothly the first time you do something so you don’t have to do it over again.

The first step you should make when you decide to start painting a room is to set your paint brush on the ceiling. The ceiling is the first place you should go about painting because the ceiling is the messiest part of the room to paint. You will more than likely create some mistakes and drips along the sides of the room. But it isn’t a big deal if you’re painting the ceiling first because then you can correct any mistakes you made in the next steps of your paint job. There are a few things you need to keep in mind to make your ceiling paint job a success.

  • Make Sure You Get Ceiling Paint
  • Use a Painting Roller
  • Use Painter’s Tape to Protect Walls

You should get ceiling paint for painting your ceiling if you want to make less of a mess. Ceiling paint is easier to get on the ceiling without too much drippings, because it’s much thicker than normal wall paint. If you want you can use normal wall paint on a ceiling. It just will involve much more dripping. A painting roller will help the painting job go smoothly and evenly. Painting rollers are the best for painting walls a d ceilings.

Paint brushes are best for the detail work. Using painter’s tape will help you effectively paint the walls and protect certain areas along the way. Make sure you place the tape in the right areas to make your painting job go smoothly. Another thing that can happen when you are painting is that you won’t need to paint the ceiling necessarily. Sometimes this is not a necessary step because the ceiling paint is fine still as it is. Or because the ceiling is made of a material like wood. In which case, you won’t want to paint the wood. Unless of course the wood is painted.

More often than not, people keep their wood ceilings looking natural. If you don’t need to paint the ceiling, the first thing you will paint should be the trim and baseboards. Similarly to the ceiling, if you make mistakes and get some paint from the trim onto the walls, it will be an easy fix because you will be painting over the walls after you finish up the trim and baseboards. You’ll be able to fix any mistakes you make after if you paint the trim and baseboards first and then the walls. When painting the trim and baseboards first you will need to keep a few things in mind.

  • Have Painter’s Tape on Hand
  • Use the Appropriately Sized Brush for the Job

Painter’s tape will help you get the job done effectively and efficiently by protecting areas around the trim and baseboards where you don’t want a mess. Using the appropriately sized brush for the job will help keep the job neat and tidy. Most people use an angled brush that’s about two and half inches wide. This type of brush offers control because of its small and manageable size. call us at 831-269-2837.