What is the Average Cost for painting a house that is 1000 Square Feet?

Painting your home is a long-term investment because it enhances the aesthetic appeal and value. Aside from giving your home a facelift, painting can help you save money if you do it yourself. However, professional painters will provide better services and results. If you decide to use painters, you should know what factors affect the cost of painting before planning to create your budget.

Average Cost of Painting

The cost of painting a building or house varies and is affected by numerous factors. It is usually determined using square footage. The house’s condition, the paint brand used, materials used, where you live, and labor rate would affect the cost. The average price for painting ranges from $2500 to $6000 per square foot.

A two-story building would attract about $6750 to $12500 per 2500 square feet, while a four-story house with 4000 square feet would range from $10000 to $19000. The paint finish, paint primer, and type of exterior siding would also affect the painting cost.

Painting the Exterior

The average cost of painting the exterior of a house depends on the size of the home. For a 1000 square-feet building, expect the price tag to range from $1000 to $3000. Note that these figures do not include the siding materials, which might cost more than the paint. A 1000 square feet structure will attract $1500 for a metal siding, $2000 for concrete, wood, and vinyl sidings, and $3000 for a stucco siding.

Labor Rates

Although some professional painters charge a fee for the whole project, most have flexible hourly rates. These rates fall between $25 and $100 per hour. Most painters charge higher painting rates for urgent or last-minute jobs with less than 48 hours of an alert. Others will hike the price if intensive preparation work is necessary, such as removing stains or molds, and include travel costs on their flat fee.

Repairs and refurbishes may demand a higher painting budget than standard painting projects. The rate differs between painters since some professionals may include the cost of painting material in the charge while others do not.

Sanding usually averages $1.80 per square foot, while drywall repairs range from $115 to $400 per room. Repairing plaster usually costs about $75 per hour or $250 for minor jobs. Removing molds usually depends on the size of the affected area and the level of infestation. The minimum price for mold removal is $500.

Material Cost

Painting material can have a significant impact on the results and your budget. Ensure you select painting materials within your budget to produce the desired longevity. It will help by understanding the different types of paint, quality variation, finishes, and primers.

Paint Types

There are two primary types of paint types. Most homes use latex paint because it is environmentally friendly. In addition, the water-based paint dries quickly and lacks a repulsive odor. However, it is prone to scratches.

Latex-based paints cost approximately $20 to $70 per gallon. Oil-based paints are usually cheaper than water-based paints. The latter is preferred for areas that contain high moisture levels, like the kitchen and bathroom. In addition, oil-based paints take long before they dry and release volatile organic compounds harmful to the environment.

The finish can affect the price tag of the painting. Ensure you select from the five different types of finishes that suit your needs and are in your budget range. For instance, high-gloss paint finishes are expensive but reflect light better than lower-gloss finishes like Eggshell. Flat and Matte finishes cost approximately $20 to $50 per gallon, while satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss are sold at less than $5 per gallon.

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