What is the best color to paint my living room?

It’s a common experience to walk through the rooms of their homes and suddenly realize it’s time for some repainting. Maybe the everyday wear and tear has caused nicks or streaks on areas of the wall. You may notice the color looks old and dull. You may feel the paint color looks dated. Whatever your reason, changing the color of your living room can improve the appearance of your home, as well as the feel of the room. Today’s paint choices offer many updated tones and shades to help your living room look its best. Here are a few ideas on choosing paint colors to update your living room.

What You Should Consider When Choosing A Living Room Paint Color

Before you begin choosing paint colors for your living room, stand back and get an overall view of the room. You may have some permanent features in place that could influence the color you choose.

  • Do you have wall-to-wall carpeting in place that is a color that would clash with other tones?
  • Do you have “built-ins” in wood tones or colors that should be considered in your color choice?
  • What size is the room? Dark colors tend to make spaces look smaller, so if you have a small living room, you should choose lighter tints that will provide a more spacious look. Large living rooms can tolerate darker shades and can provide very interesting effects.
  • The amount of light in your living room should also be a consideration. If little natural light is available for the room, you may wish to choose lighter tones that reflect light more vividly to create a more cheerful atmosphere.

Neutrals Are Always in Fashion

As in the past, neutrals shades, such as white, off-white, taupe, black or gray are still used quite often in living room designs. These shades allow you to decorate with accents in stronger colors, without creating clashes in the color tones.

Add Some Warmth with Tonal Reds

In home interior paints, red is not just red. You can find many different shades of red that may have undertones of other colors to soften the visual impact. Red toned paints can give the room a stately, formal look.

Blue Shades Provide A Tranquil Background

Blue paints are available in an almost infinite number of tones, from the very pale to the deep and rich. You can also find blue tones that border on the gray-ish side, which makes it easier to decorate with existing furniture or carpeting.

Soft Greens Give Your Living Room A Natural Feel

Green tones are pleasant to live with and bring a bit of the outdoors to your home interior. You can find a wide range of shades to suit your needs. Gray-greens offer a bit of neutrality, while still bringing in some delicate color to the room.

Adding A Bolder Wall Section

Many home decorators are choosing to paint living rooms with one wall a stronger tonal shade of the color. For example, you can paint three walls of the room in a soft blue-green color, with the facing wall in a stronger teal shade. Or you can paint three pale gray walls with one of the lateral walls a stronger gray. This method can add depth and interest to a room.

If you’re considering freshening up your living room with some new color, take some time to browse the wide range of shades and tones that are now available. Find one enhances your living space and expresses your individual personality. When you’re ready to get started, call us at 831-269-2837 for professional painting in the San Jose area.